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Willow Springs School

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Staff Directory

Board of Education Members
Ayres, Sharon Second Grade Teacher
Baricovich, Laura Grades K-2C teacher
Baricovich, Terri Third Grade teacher
Benitez, Yessica Spanish teacher, Grades 6-8
Bretl, Kristine First Grade teacher
Brockob, Dena English Language Learner Teacher
Bromberger, Sarah Music and Band teacher
Burkdoll, Gail Math Interventionist
Cahill, Kim Title I Reading Teacher
Carter, Diane Grades 6-8CD teacher
Castaneda, Jada Math and Social Studies teacher, Grades 6-8
Conrad, Sharon Instructional Assistant
Craig, Jill Math teacher, Grades 6-8
Delahera, Elena Reading/ Language Arts teacher grades 6-8
Dickman, Dan Dir of Building and Grounds
Dickman, Monica Instructional Assistant
Dondlinger, Jaclyn Fourth grade teacher
Flores, Carina Office Clerk
Haussy, Sarah First Grade teacher
Henderson, Megan Reading/ Language Arts teacher grades 6-8
Herrera, Lauren Social Worker
Huffhines, Michael Social Studies teacher, Grades 6-8
Jaronczyk, Nicole Fourth Grade teacher
Jokubauskus, Erica Art teacher
Juskus, Lisa Bookeeper
Kelch, Stephanie Fifth Grade teacher
Kirby, Amanda Library Aide
Kirby, Rachel Instructional Assistant
Lascola, Amanda First Grade teacher
Layer, Cindy Technology Coordinator
Lehmann, Alicia Kindergarten teacher
Litko, Meghan Special Education Coordinator
Masterton, Sean Special Education Teacher
Matlawski, Theresa Clerk
Moses, Emily Physical Education teacher, Grades K-8
Musto, Ann Second Grade teacher
Noble, Jason Applied Technology / PE Grades 6-8 teacher
O'Brien, Kate Grades 6-8C teacher
O'Reilly, Lauren Speech/Language Pathologist
Overzet, Desiree Kindergarten teacher
Patrick, Frank Superintendent and FOIA Officer
Perea, Lisa School Nurse
Popish, Lois Librarian
Schomburg, Margaret Third Grade teacher
Sheehan, Mary Custodial Staff
Smuda, Lori Principal
Sosur, Leyla Science Grades 6-8
Strauch, Michaele Instructional Assistant
Swicionis, Deanna Instructional Assistant
Theodoropoulos, Nikki Early Childhood teacher
Van Wagner, Stephanie Instructional Assistant
VonBank, Michelle Second Grade Teacher
Wacker, Valerie Superintendent’s Secretary
Weissenstein, Ray Fifth Grade teacher
Wilkerson, Angela Special Education Teacher