2011-2012 Parents For Children (PFC)

Summary of Activities


Parents for Children hosted multiple fundraisers throughout the school year. The profits made from these fundraisers went back to the students in various ways. Some of the functions PFC funds were used for:

  • Roller Skating
  • Provided $4 per student towards year end picnic.
  • 8th grade bus to Great America
  • Teacher appreciation week activities (teacher certificates, luncheon)
  • Argo High School Scholarship
  • Three 8th grade scholarships
  • Student assemblies

Box Tops, Coke Rewards and Labels for Education

These items have to be manual keyed in or manually counted, but the rewards are worth the work! All of the money raised goes back to the PFC account.

  • With Box Tops we raised almost $3000.00 dollars!
  • Used Coke Rewards to purchase an overhead projector and 2 VCR/DVD players and we have more points to spend!
  • Labels for Education-we are still deciding on the product to choose for the school.

Events throughout the year the organized by the PFC

Throughout the year Parents for Children host a variety of fun events for the students.

  • Nacho Day
  • Special Treat Day
  • Lunchroom Trivia with prizes
  • Holiday Bazaar

Services to the Community

This was the first year the PFC hosted a Toy/Consignment Sale, this served as an outlet for Parents, Teachers and Village residents to sell and/or buy toys, sports, dress up clothes, etc in a single location. It took a tremendous amount of volunteers and time to be successful. We’d like to continue with a 2nd sale, and will be looking for lots of help again!

Next Steps


June 25th, (Time TBD)

Discuss plans for the 212-2013 school year

Identify board members

Utilize the new school website

Establish a link to contact PFC through website


Registration & Survey

We will have volunteer signup sheets at all registration events

Surveys will be handed out at registration; these allow you the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to the Parents for Children. We want to hear from you, what did we do right, what did we do wrong, how can we improve, etc?



President: Laura Hatzi, Email: LJHatzi@yahoo.com, Phone: 708-269-6629

Treasurer: Kim Pederson, Email: kimdeboer@aol.com

Secretary: Lisa Fridono, Email: fridono@comcast.net



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