Willow Springs School is Commendable!

It is with great pleasure that the Willow Springs School District 108 Board of Education and its staff share the school report card with you.  In this report, you will find important information concerning District finances, Student Achievement, Student Demographics as well as how the District is addressing the varied needs of its students.You’ll find student successes here as well as areas that students need to grow.  You’ll find more than one measure of academic achievement in this report providing a more comprehensive view. 

I would like to highlight the “Commendable” ranking that Willow Springs School has earned from the Illinois State Board of Education.  That ranking is based largely upon student growth as measured on the PARCC exam, student achievement as measured on the PARCC exam, and student attendance.  The PARCC exam is a 7 day exam given throughout Illinois and several other states in mathematics and the English Language Arts (reading and writing).  You’ll notice that overall Willow scores on the PARCC are in line with the State average

Willow Springs School has a long history, over 100 years, of putting the needs of all of its students first and foremost.  Willow Springs School is a place where a love of learning grows.

Illinois School Report Card 2018