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Willow Springs School

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Staff Directory

Board of Education Members
Abdallah, Yasmeen Speech/Language Pathologist
Babcock, Cara EL - Bilingual/Spanish Teacher
Bahn, Steve Superintendent & FOIA Officer
Batres, Christina Instructional Assistant
Begaye, Reneta Instructional Assistant
Bigeck, Renee Transitional Kindergarten Assistant
Brockob, Dena ESL Teacher
Carter, Diane Librarian
Castaneda, Jadda Math Teacher, Grades 6-8
Chavez, Emily Special Educator
Dickman, Monica Instructional Assistant
DiVita, Dawn Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Drogosz, Norene School Nurse
Fagan, Maribeth Social Worker
Flores, Carina Office Clerk
Frasher, Kimberly Special Educator
Gilchrist, Cole Reading/Language Arts Teacher, Grades 6-8
Glas, Jamie Social Worker
Grzesiak, Ivana Math Teacher, Grades 3-5
Hart, Lisa AERO Physical Therapist
Haseltin, Teresa Special Educator
Huffhines, Michael Social Studies Teacher, Grades 6-8
Jaronczyk, Nicole Math Teacher, Grades 3-5
Jenkins, Jacquelynn Special Educator
Jokubauskus, Erica Art Teacher
Juskus, Lisa Bookkeeper
Kirby, Amanda Instructional Assistant
Kustak, Korinne Reading/Language Arts Teacher, Grades 6-8
Layer, Cindy Technology Coordinator
Lenzen, Barb Special Education Case Manager
Lydon, Jamie Kindergarten Teacher
Musto, Ann Second Grade Teacher
Niebauer, John Science Teacher, Grades 3-5
Nieves, Brenda EL - Bilingual Teacher
Oreluk, Alexandra Principal
Ortiz, Marci Bilingual Coordinator
Ortiz, Nicholas Music Teacher/Band Director
Overzet, Desiree Kindergarten Teacher
Paparelli, Renee Math Interventionist & Math Teacher, Grades 6-8
Scanlan, Kerri Science Teacher, Grades 6-8
Seidelmann, William Director of Student Services, McKinney-Vento Liaison
Sinclair, Lindsey Physical Education Teacher
Strauch, Michaele Special Educator
Swanson, Mary Occupational Therapist
Theodoropoulos, Nikki First Grade Teacher
Therapos, Andres Physical Education Teacher, Grades 6-8
VonBank, Michelle ELA Teacher, Grades 3-5
Walowski, Ciera Early Childhood Teacher
Weissenstein, Ray Social Studies Teacher, Grades 3-5